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Settling In


To help both you and your child feel less apprehensive about starting at The Bridges, we like to arrange a ‘settling in period’.  This usually takes place one to two weeks prior to your official start date and consists of a three hour visit or a few short 1-hour visits over a week. This experience prepares you and your child for their formal start date and can help alleviate anxiety. We will also arrange an induction meeting with you prior to starting, during this time you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s daily routine, particular likes and dislikes along with any other information unique to your child that may be beneficial to us.


We will be ready to cuddle and reassure your child when you leave, to ensure that he or she feels safe and secure when you depart.  We welcome calls from parents during the settling in period to further reduce any worries or fears and to answer any questions.


All our staff wear badges, which show their name and position. Staff photographs and job titles are also displayed on a Notice Board near the entrance.

Parent Information


What we supply and what you should bring


We provide your child with age appropriate snacks and drinks in line with the Scottish government ‘Setting the Table’ Nutritional guidance.


Babies are offered fresh pureed fruit and vegetables prepared on site.  Children’s meals are provided by our appointed catering company, made from fresh produce to the highest standards.  Menus are planned to take account of current dietary thinking (low salt/sugar) and run in a four-week rotation. These are available to view in our entrance hall.


We ask that you provide:-


  • Spare nappies.

  • Nappy cream.

  • Comforter (if required).

  • Expressed breast milk or formula milk and bottles.

  • Change of clothes – appropriate to the time of year.

  • Coat, hat and gloves.

  • Puddle suits and Wellies

  • Sun cream and/or sun hats

  • Breakfast (if required)




Please ensure that these items are clearly named and in your child’s bag or handed to staff on arrival.


Please download our Prospectus for more information.